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2013 Shimano Ultegra 6700 Groupset
Item: 6-11111111-1

Price:  $1,099.99
The Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 speed group is a further refinement of the 6600 group shedding 150grams while stiffening up the crank.

The stiffer crank is due to a change in construction, which models the Dura-Ace crank set trickle down technology. If that wasn’t enough, Dura-Ace features in Ultegra. Shimano changed the STI pivot point to make braking from the...read more
2013 SRAM Force Groupset
Item: 7-11111111-1

Price:  $1,550.00
Aside from the graphics treatment, you’re going to be hard pressed to tell the difference between Force and Red. It’s true, you don’t get their powerdome cassette carved out of one piece of metal, nor are you going to see ceramic bearings used. Beyond these two differences, the SRAM Force group offers you nearly everything Red has and within a few grams to boot. We’re...read more
2013 SRAM Red Groupset
Item: 8-11111111-1

Price:  $2,597.99
An entire pound lighter than last year’s SRAM Red Black Group, the 2012 SRAM Red Group is beautifully crafted with ergonomical advancements. Coming in at 1739 grams, this is the lightest groupset this year (Beating out Shimano and Campagnolo). The 2012 Red Groups’ ergonomical advancements lend more control and a smoother riding...read more
2013 SRAM Rival Groupset
Item: 9-11111111-1

Price:  $1,089.99
Great shifting in a light group with carbon fiber levers and all at a reasonable price.

As price goes, the SRAM Rival group is untouchable. All key SRAM designs are available in this 10 speed group. Double tap shifting, one size rear derailleur, with a steel cassette that is lighter then the read more
2014 Campagnolo Athena EPS 11 Groupset
Item: 11-11111111-1

Price:  $2,399.00
So you’ve got a friend that’s rolling around on a super sweet Campagnolo Super Record Ti EPS groupset. He offered for months to let you ride it and you resisted because you knew that if you tried it you’d want it.  Sure enough one ride is all it took and you were hooked on the smooth, effortless, and extremely powerful shifting that EPS afforded.  The only...read more
2014 Campagnolo Centaur 10 Carbon Groupset
Item: 1-11111111-1

Price:  $1,099.00
The Campagnolo Centaur 10 Speed Group offers Campagnolo’s recent improvements in ergo lever and z shape front derailleur, but without the price associated with exotic materials.

Centaur 10 speed is constructed out of aluminum and steel, with the exception of the option to upgrade to a carbon crank and their ergo levers which are carbon. This use of lower cost...read more
2014 Campagnolo Chorus 11 Groupset
Item: 2-11111111-1

Price:  $1,491.99
All the trickle down of Record, without the price. You get all the new Ergo Lever upgrades, narrower chain, 11 speed cassette options, and faster shifting over the Chorus 11.

Visually it might be hard to see the differences of Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed beyond the graphical treatment. With Chorus 11 it’s more of the internals, the BB, pulleys, and the visible...read more
2014 Campagnolo EPS Super Record Ti 11 Groupset
Item: 12-11111111-1

Price:  $4,779.99
When Campagnolo came out with their first racing groupset, it was called the Super Record. The name was used again in Campagnolo’s 75th anniversary edition in 2009. 
Three years later, the Super Record just keeps getting better.  Campagnolo makes their first shift to electronic shifting with the EPS (Electronic Power Shift)...read more
2014 Campagnolo Record 11 Groupset
Item: 3-11111111-1

Price:  $1,999.99
The Campagnolo Record 11 Speed group offers all the key features found on the Super Record, but without some of the uses of titanium, so the weight is a few hundred grams heavier.

For us, Record is the group that seems to do it all. Through the years we’ve seen it innovate; the first 10 speed group, the first group with carbon, the first cassette with titanium...read more
2014 Campagnolo Super Record Ti 11 Groupset
Item: 4-11111111-1

Price:  $2,549.99
Campagnolo’s Super Record is the pinnacle of what can be offered in a group. Ceramic bearings, carbon fiber everywhere, dual pivot brakes, and chemical treatments to improve chain rings and bearing race life expectancy.

We’re biased though. The first components we carried were campy. We believe that when you spend this kind of money, your group should be...read more
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