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Nalini Algol Vintage Short Sleeve Jersey

Price:  $114.99
The Nalini Algol Short Sleeve Jersey is a throwback to the beginning of the Nalini brand and resembles a simpler time. With a retro design and material, this jersey resembles the jersey of the 70s that Nalini used to make. 

It is a full zip jersey and is of medium weight, making it the perfect jersey for 54-64 degrees. As with all...read more
Nalini Menkar Short Sleeve Jersey

Price:  $169.99
The Nalini Menkar Short Sleeve Jersey doesn’t only feel like it is a lightweight jersey; it has all the attributes of one. The first, and probably most noticeable, heat-reducing element is the breathable mesh insert on the back of the jersey. This helps pull heat off your back and allows for great airflow.

The next two most important...read more
Nalini Panaro Short Sleeve Jersey

Price:  $159.99
The Panaro Short Sleeve Jersey is a light compression jersey intended for hot weather riding. Revolutional® Energy is what makes this a compression jersey. It is very elastic, provides optimal muscular compression, is breathable and fits very close. Together with the Lycra Sport material, the Revolutional Energy can sustain muscles, increase efficiency of movement...read more
Nalini Rigel Short Sleeve Jersey

Price:  $99.99
The Nalini Rigel Short Sleeve jersey features two of Nalini’s great fabrics. The first is a Summertime material that is a super comfortable fabric. It is made from microfiber yarn that gives the jersey great movement and a silky smooth texture. It is a somewhat elastic fabric and helps wick sweat away to keep you dry. The other fabric is MantoDry, a fabric designed to...read more
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