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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Ergopower Ultra-Shift Levers
Item: 8004995860122

Price:  $429.99
The best of the best. The Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ergolevers are the best shifter Campy has ever made. Campagnolo applies two of their best shifter technologies to make their Ergopower Ultra-Shift Super Record 11 Speed shifters truly remarkable.

Their Ergopower technology uses the best of ergonomics to make the...read more
SRAM Force DoubleTap Shift Levers
Item: 710845701603

Price:  $496.00
The SRAM Force Double Tap Controls bear some resemblance to it’s big brother – the SRAM Red Double Tap Controls. It uses a carbon brake lever, magnesium shift lever and the rest is titanium. The use of lightweight materials brings these shifters to just 302 grams. 

Double Tap Technology allows you to upshift and downshift from the...read more
SRAM Red DoubleTap Shift Levers
Item: 710845689161

Price:  $639.00
If you thought the old Red shifters were something special, wait until you use SRAM’s 2013 Red Double Tap Shifters. SRAM has re-engineered the outers of the shifters, keeping the internal cables the same. 

Double Tap Technology does not refer to wrestling, but instead indicates one lever that does two functions. You...read more
SRAM Rival DoubleTap Shift Levers
Item: 710845610028

Price:  $432.00
The SRAM Rival groupset uses trickle down technology from the Force groupset to make the Rival Double Tap Controls. They use the same carbon brake lever seen on the Force and Red controls, but use a slightly heavier, aluminum shift lever instead of the magnesium one of the Force. The change in materials adds 18 grams over the Force shifters, making the Rival shifters...read more
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