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2014 Selle SMP Avant Saddle

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2014 Selle SMP Avant Saddle

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The SMP Avant falls in between the Pro and the Plus for padding, but is the shorter of the three saddles and has a flatter profile then the Pro.

The Avant is considerably padded. However the saddle does not display any negative characteristics, such as pinching or chafing, often associated with saddles with cut outs and lots of padding.

To see how this saddle falls into their line view the SMP SADDLE GUIDE

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SMP Avant Key features:

  • The central channel of the Avant saddle varies in width (0.9 - 3.7cm) to contour the body and allow continuous circulation of blood flow in the prostate, artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles.
  • The front section of the SMP Avant saddle with its beak-shaped design offers excellent support when pedaling hard and prevents your genitals from getting squashed in the process.
  • The design of the outer SMP Avant mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximize blood circulation and pedaling power.
  • Additional gel layer strategically placed throughout the Avant saddle makes it the ideal saddle for century and all-day riding.
  • 269mm in length and 154 mm in width, the overall weight of the rider is distributed throughout the saddle to offer comfort without sacrificing performance.
  • 335 grams/Made in Italy.
Though not specifically designed for women, the SMP Avant is well suited for the female rider.

One Female Rider’s Comments

The SMP Avant is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on.

It cradles the ishium, frames the perineum and leaves room for the coccyx.  The bold design has a large enough cut-out area to noticeably relieve compression of the soft tissue leaving this rider with a spring in her step rather than a boggy, numb feeling.  It's a grand improvement of the labial-lip-service offered by other manufacturers.

I guess you could say I'll never look for another saddle.


Selle SMP Avant Saddle Specifications

  • Covering: natural leather black/lorica colors
  • Padding: foamed elastomer
  • Casing: nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre
  • Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel
  • Weight: 335 gr
  • Dimensions: 269 x 154 mm

Life-Size Fitting & Comparison Tool

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