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Fulcrum Racing Zero 2 Way Wheelset

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2013 Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-way Fit Wheelset

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The Fulcrum Racing Zero 2 way wheelset is Fulcrum’s lightest aluminum wheel.  It’s no secret that Fulcrum has received help from Campagnolo (who makes the wheels for Fulcrum) with the launch of this new line. No other launch saw so many pro riders using them in their first year, just look at the Tour.

The first thing you notice when you hold these wheels is their weight and aggressive appearance. The weight savings is made possible with Fulcrum’s special extrusion process. When you spin the wheels you can feel Campagnolo’s famous bearings inside the oversized carbon/aluminum hub.  The wheels spin effortlessly on silky smooth bearings.

On the road, the aero spokes help cut through the wind and the box section rim tracks precisely into and out of turns. With the 2:1 patented spoke technology it’s hard to get these wheels to flex. The Fulcrum Racing Zero’s spin up noticeably faster than the Racing 1 wheels due to the reduced rim weight.

At high speeds you’re truly going to notice the attention to detail on the Fulcrum Racing Zero’s. Fulcrum’s Dynamic Balance shines as these wheels track true at speeds in excess of 40 mph. A testament to Fulcrum’s efforts to counter act the weight difference often seen in regular aluminum wheels caused by the weld.

Every part on these wheels is replaceable and the craftsmanship is outstanding. With no sacrifice for durability in the pursuit of ultra lightweight aluminum wheels.

•    2 Way Tubeless compatible
•    2:1 Patented two-to-one spoke ratio reduces flex, balances drive and non-drive sides, and increases fatigue life of rim and spokes
•    Dynamic Balance – balances the rim so joint does not cause high-speed hopping
•    MoMag – no holes on inner side of rim, though regular nipples are used for ease of tension adjustment. No special tool required
•    USB Ceramic Bearings - prolonged service life and reduced weight

Fulcrum Racing Zero Specs
Rim Height : 26mm
Spoke Count : 16 front, 21 rear
Weight Front : 625 grams
Weight Rear : 835 grams
Hubs: Shimano/SRAM & Campy 10/11

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