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SwissStop RacePro Yellow King Brake Pads - Campagnolo

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SwissStop Race Pro Yellow King Brake Pads

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The SwissStop RacePro brake pads replace the 8 year old design of the Swiss Stop Race 2000. Over the past 8 years SwissStop has worked with countless manufactures developing compounds and shapes to improve brake performance.

SwissStop’s analysis determined there was no better compound then the Yellow King, however the groves and amount of pad needed improvements.

With the launch of the RacePro model Swiss Stop has added additional material and developed asymmetrical grooves on their Campagnolo specific pad. These enhancements improve the wet weather stopping power through better water removal and increase the life of the pads. These brake pads brake harder and last longer.

• Best brake performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet rims
• Complete absence of abrasive materials which could damage the rims
• Near silent operation with improved wet weather braking
• Compatibility with all types of rim material (no danger of using the wrong pad and damaging the rim)
• Consistent brake power from – 20C to + 40C

More about Swiss Stop Yellow King Compound…

SwissStop has developed the ultimate brake pad for carbon wheels. Their unique compound allows for unprecedented performance on carbon braking surfaces. Their compound is not made of quark and so does not suffer from the usual poor performance in the wet weather. It is not standard black rubber either and as such does not gum up carbon rims.

The SwissStop Yellow King pad can resist temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius and still maintain their performance. Paired with temperature resistant comes longevity, and these pads have them. Our personal tests show them out last both quark and rubber pads while providing improved braking performance.

The icing on the cake is that not only is the performance improved but the Yellow King compound allows for easy swapping between your aluminum and carbon wheels without the need to file off a layer of brake surface – as is normally required to clean the pads. How is this possible? Simply, the Yellow King does not collect aluminum and only requires a quick wipe with a rag when changing between aluminum and carbon brake surfaces.

The SwissStop Race Pro Yellow King pads come as a set of 4 pads, enough for both front and rear brakes.

Compatible with Campagnolo 10/11-speed brakes and Zero Gravity.

Read our article: Caring For SwissStop Yellow King Pads

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