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Sci-Con Cycle Bag Travel Plus Racing

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Sci-Con Cycle Bag Travel Plus Racing

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The Sci-Con Cycle Bag Travel Plus has added a layer of foam to their basic travel bag to provide additional protection against impacts when traveling.

Equipped with both a shoulder strap and handles to make transporting your bike around even easier. The Sci-Con Cycle Bag Travel Plus protects your bike from the elements and your vehicle from grease and dirt.

Simply pop the wheels and seat post off, and place them on either side of the frame.  No need to remove handlebars, they are turned sideways.  Now you’re good to go.

Looking for the additional wheel pouches? See Sci-Con AeroComfort Plus Travel Bag

Sci-Con Cycle Bag travel Plus Racing Details
Dimensions: 117x20x82cm
Weight:  2.4kg (5.3lbs)
Material: Foam/Nylon

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