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2013 Selle San Marco Concor Saddle

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San Marco Concor

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The San Marco Concor is the little brother to the San Marco Rolls and San Marco Regal . It is similarly shaped with a flat top and large amounts of padding.  Selle San Marco makes some of the best known saddles in the history of saddle making. It is a classic in the cycling industry, so you just can’t go wrong with a Selle saddle.

The Concor design has been in production for over 20 years and it is more popular today than when it first launched in 1989.  This is most likely due to the superior level of comfort in the entire San Marco line.

The seat on the Concor is super comfy and allows you to maintain excellent pedal stroke, high RPM spinning, and power climbing. The shape distributes the pressure uniformly, causing no numbness, chafing or saddle sores.   Plus, the soft suede cover is the antithesis of chafing.

With a weight of 320g, the San Marco Concor does come in a bit heavier than its predecessors, but while weight is something, it's hardly everything.  If you've ever had a saddle that doesn't agree with your body, you know what we’re saying here.  An uncomfortable saddle can easily ruin every ride.  And while everything else on a bike keeps getting lighter and lighter, most are willing to sacrifice a few ounces for a saddle that is significantly more comfortable.

In terms of saddle dimensions, the Concor is a bit thinner and shorter than its big brothers.  In fact, its one of the shortest in the entire San Marco line.  With a length of 270mm and a width of 140mm, it will fit a smaller rider with ease, and comfort, did we mention how frickin’ comfortable these things are.

San Marco Concor Saddle Specs
Weight : 320g
Length: 270mm
Width: 140mm
Rails: Cromoly

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