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2013 Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Tire

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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Tire

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The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S, also referred to as the Conti GP4000S ‘Black Chilli’, has taken the amazingly popular Continental Grand Prix 4000 to an entirely new level.

The Grand Prix 4000 S uses the black chili compound for dramatically reduced rolling resistance and improved grip. It sounds too good to be true, but packed in the black chili compound are small carbon particles. These particles are the key behind improved tread life, grip, and rolling resistance. Each tiny particle conforms to the road better than before and due to their size the tire has more crammed into each square inch. Meaning more durable carbon particles are in contact with the ground.

The Continental GP4000S uses the Vectran found in the GP4000 to help ward off punctures and still has the anti-cracking formula to help prolong the tires life by reducing tire cracking from UV exposure.

Key Features
• 26% less rolling resistance
• 30% more grip
• Lightweight
• Higher mileage by 5%
• Stronger puncture protection
• Anti aging compound and tread wear indicators

Tire Weight: 205 grams (700x23)
Recommended PSI: 110
Max PSI: 120
Estimated Tread Life: 2500-4000 miles
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