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2014 Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech Tire

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Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech Tire

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Whether you race or commute, it is nice to have a tire that retains its air for thousands and thousands of miles. And being puncture resistant is very helpful in the fight for inflation.  But, no matter what, it has to be a comfortable tire.  Mile for mile, Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech really does have it all.  We found their ride to be quite comfortable, relatively quiet with not much rolling resistance.

The Mithrill sidewalls protect against sharp debris and, provide added durability and great grip. The Rubino Pro's are outfitted with the new Kevlar Endura 3D compound and PRB puncture protection.  This means the tread pattern is not the classic herringbone like you’ll find on the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX because Vittoria has updated their tread pattern with a Dot C.O.M. vector design.  (Which, is in no way connect to .com)

The Vittoria Rubino Pro clincher tire is a well balanced and durable tire that can easily be used for racing, commuting, and for training.  

Tire Weight: 240 grams (700x23)
Recommended PSI: 100
Max PSI: 145
Estimated Tread Life: 3500 miles
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