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Look Carbon Bottle Cage

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Look Carbon Cage

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The Look Carbon Bottle cage, thus far, is one of the best we’ve found for really holding the bottles securely.  We tried all kinds of different bottles on this bottle cage and found that there was very little wiggle room no matter what sized bottle we tried.  Even on those big 24 ouncers.   You know, the ones with the big gaping mouth so you can put ice cubes in them without having ice shavings all over the kitchen counter.  We think the snug fit for all has something to do with the flexibility of carbon fiber.  Gotta love the flexibility of carbon fiber!

And for you weight weenies, no worries, it’s carbon so it’s lightweight.  Only 24 grams for this model!  It’s sharp too, comes in a black carbon with a white Look logo.  And, if you’re a bottle thrower like Mario Cipollini, the Look Carbon Bottle Cage allows for easy removal of your projectile should you need to quickly access it.

Look Carbon Bottle Cage Details
Material: Carbon
Holds Bottles: 74mm (standard)
Weight: 24 grams
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