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Cheek to Cheek - The Sit Bone Measuring Tool

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Cheek to Cheek

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Need a new saddle and don’t want to play the guessing game at $200 per pop?  Then you need Cheek to Cheek!  Cheek to Cheek - sit bone measuring tool is the only certain way to narrow in on saddle size by measuring your sit bone width using your normal riding position.  First you sit on the Cheek to Cheek kit and then you measure.  It’s that simple.  And right in your own home!

A little anatomy lesson:
Sit bones are the bony parts of your pelvis which are in contact with a hard surface when you sit up straight.  They are known as the ischial tuberosity and sometimes called Sitz Bones. (Coincidence?)   Sit bone width will vary depending on your posture, build and gender.  Sit bones widen when you sit upright and narrow when you lean forward, which makes sense because you’re redistributing weight.  Therefore, just measuring your behind while sitting or standing won’t really help in determining the proper saddle size.

Sit Bones and Saddle Size:
When choosing a saddle, the best saddle size is determined by your sit bone width while it is PROPERLY centered over the rear of your bike saddle.  If the saddle is too wide, your sit bones are forced to spread, which distresses your sit bones and hips.  When the saddle is too narrow, it places pressure on your soft tissue, which reduces blood flow and subsequently causes pain and numbness.  Ouch!

This is where Cheek to Cheek comes in.  Cheek to Cheek will help you properly measure your sit bones to determine which seat on the market is best designed for your derrière.

Purchase Includes
  • Cheek to Cheek measuring tool for one person - one time use
  • Saddle recommendations from knowledgeable WKYC staff  (see FAQ & Email form)
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