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Tacx Antares Rollers

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Tacx Antares Rollers

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Just close your eyes and picture the ride ahead.  The trees are whipping by.  You can practically feel the road below you.  The weather is perfect, the road is perfect, the trainer is perfect.  This perfect ride is brought to you by Tacx revolutionary trainer, the new Antares Roller system.  With the Antares you can easily improve your fitness level even in the dead of winter.

The Conicol rollers help keep you centered on the trainer with an extra feel of stability to help you work on your sense of balance without making you dependent on a brace.  To give you a more road-like feel (minus the road debris and pushy motorists) Tacx has made the rollers larger in diameter.  The rollers are also made from a heavy-duty tapered rubber so it is virtually impossible to ride off the machine.  Plus, since it doesn’t have a brace, it will reinforce your equilibrium just like if you were actually riding on the road.

When we had a chance to check this trainer out, everyone who got on it loved the fact that you ride freely, so it has a more realistic feel.  And, the Tacx Antares trainer is positioned better than most of the other trainers we’ve tried, so the angle is more road (or track) like than ever before.  It was a general consensus amongst the group that on the Tacx Antares, you can focus even more on your goals in training to improve your fitness level, coordination and technique with as realistic of a feel as you can get on a trainer.  Sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s true.

They also made the Antares collapsible down to 80cm, so it’s small enough to travel with.  That means you can take it with you to warm up before a race.  All this in one reasonably priced trainer. 

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