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ITM Draco 04 Carbon Handlebar

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ITM Draco 04 Carbon Handlebar

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If you’re a more aggressive rider, bulling your way through the peloton, if you are one who pushes hard on your bars because they are there to support your victory, if you have big hands and wear big gloves, you need big handlebars that can take the heat and not run in fear.   ITM has a great bar for you, it’s the Draco 04 carbon bar.  Made with EPS technology, the Draco 04 carbon bar is strong, stable, and made of nothing but durable carbon fiber.

In case you’re wondering exactly what is so special about EPS technology, here’s the scoop. 

Basically, the EPS system leaves a clean interior, free of those plastic bladders that we’ve heard about.  From what we understand, they wrap a reverse mold with the carbon and then they cure it.  That part is pretty standard.  However, ITM sends the Draco 04 through a secondary baking process designed to remove the excess modeling agents so you have a full carbon, with no other stuff, bar.  This process also allows ITM to produce the bar with differentiated thicknesses providing a safe, constant, and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations. In other words, the EPS system allows ITM to build their bars to be thicker at the stem clamp where it needs some bulk, yet thinner on the hoods where you don’t need as much material.  What you get is a strong, stiff, and very safe bar with no worries about air pockets forming like there are in some of the other handlebar making methods.

Unlike the flagship of the ITM full carbon bars, the Pathom, the Draco 04 has a deep drop with a swept design.  This means that the top of the bar swoops downward from the stem, and then curves back giving it a deeper drop of 173mm.  As we mentioned before, we’re looking for you aggressive riders for the Draco 04.  There is a longer reach of 115mm as well, so you will need larger hands to fit properly.  The bend is the traditional anatomical bend with flat spots in the drops so your fingers can easily hit those shifters and your palms are fully supported.  Plus, the anatomic shape provides comfort for extended periods in the drop position.

The one thing about the ITM Draco carbon bar is that the weight isn’t as low as they could get it.  But for a few extra grams, the Draco 04 is stronger and more durable than its competitors.  Small price to pay my friend, small price to pay.  

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ITM Draco 04 Carbon Handlebar Details
Weight: 225 grams (42cc)
Sizes: 40, 42, 44 (center to center)
Material: Carbon
Drop: 140mm
Reach: 87mm
Clamp: 31.7/31.8
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