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ITM Pathom Carbon Handlebar

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ITM Pathom Carbon Handlebar

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The ITM Pathom Carbon Bar exceeds most of the standards set by other companies.  We think its because the Europeans LOVE their bikes so much they require the very best.  ITM has recently released the Pathom all carbon bar to offer riders a high quality, stiff, safe and oh so comfortable handlebar.

This is their top of the line full carbon bar and they are quite proud of it.  For good reason too.  The ITM Pathom full carbon bar has a huge section on the tops for your palms and the hoods are super comfy.  We also love the transition area from the tops to the hoods.  The movement from tops to hoods is natural and done with ease.  You can simply slide over.

The classic bend reaches 104mm’s and we think it is absolutely perfect with a medium drop of 154.  Of course it’s a non-anatomical bend.  Not that there’s anything wrong with the anatomical bended bars out there.  Some riders prefer that look and feel.  To each his (or her) own, right? 

Another great feature is the cable routing section that is located under the bar to give you a nice clean look.  Nothing worse than a bunch of cables and tape to ruin an otherwise sleek set of handlebars.

Now, ITM has chosen to use the EPS technology to manufacture the Pathom carbon bar so there will be nothing left inside after the curing process.  The EPS system leaves a clean interior, free of those plastic bladders that we’ve heard about.  From what we understand, they wrap a reverse mold with the carbon and then they cure the carbon which is pretty standard.  However, ITM sends the Pathom through another baking process to remove all the excess modeling agents from the bars so you have a carbon, carbon and nothing but carbon bar.  This process allows ITM to produce the bar with differentiated thicknesses providing a safe, constant and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations. In other words, the Pathom is thicker at the stem clamp where it needs some bulk, but thinner on the hoods where you don’t need as much material.  What you get is a strong, stiff and very safe bar because there is reduced risk of air pockets forming like there are in some of the other handlebar making methods. Air pockets are bad, and potentially dangerous.   Now you have the secret formula, but there’s no way you can produce one of these in your garage so don’t even try.

The only issue you might have with the ITM Pathom full carbon bar is that the weight isn’t as low as they could get it.  When we asked about that, their reply was a pretty strong argument.  They told us that the extra few grams that the Pathom weighs, over what it could go down to, is a small price to pay for the strength and durability that the Pathom offers over other lighter weight bars.  We think its worth it too.

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ITM Pathom Carbon Handlebar Details
Weight: 225 grams (42cc)
Sizes: 40, 42, 44 (center to center)
Material: Carbon
Drop: 125mm
Reach: 72mm
Clamp: 31.7/31.8
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