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Selle Italia XO TransAm Saddle

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Selle Italia XO TransAm Saddle

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Is it just us, or does the name XO TransAm remind you of iconic sports car of the 80’s?  Just like the sports car, this saddle is long, sleek and sexy.   Created from the “traditional” lines of the superior Selle Italia products, the XO TransAm utilizes differentiated Flex Control padding and a 19mm x 151mm long cutout to increase blood flow and offer a wider range of positions.  

The cover of this perch is made with synthetic leather and there’s a fair amount of padding in the nose, just in case you need to tackle a time trial or triathalong.  Yeah, we meant triatha-long.  The shell is made with Rylsan and Nylon N6, durable.  It’s not leather, but it is durable. The rail system is an FeC Alloy Rail boasting a high strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy that is 7 mm diameter.  Not bad.

The saddle itself is 146mm wide by 272mm long to give you plenty of space to move around on.  Interestingly, Selle Italia claims this saddle is 310 grams, but we weighed it ourselves and found that it was only 301.5 grams.  How often do companies claim to have a higher weight?  We figured the person who wrote the information down was dyslexic and actually shaved off a half of a gram.

The Selle Italia XO TransAm is actually made in Italy, not China, not Bangladesh, but Italy and at this price, that’s phenomenal!  

Selle Italia XO TransAm Saddle Specs
Weight: 310grams
Length: 272mm
Width: 146mm
Rails: Fec Alloy

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