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2013 Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX Saddle

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2013 Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX

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Attention weight weenies, or those of you who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look, feel and function of the Selle San Marco Mantra.  We’d like you to set your behind on this new edition of the Mantra, the San Marco Mantra Carbon FX.  They’ve shaved off a full 35 grams by using carbon instead of the ‘Xsilite’ rail system found in the standard Mantra.  Of course, the Carbon FX still sports the Selle San Marco’s patented “No Shuffle” system, keeping the nose significantly narrower to reduce thigh chafing for those of us sporting a knee-in riding style, or just thick thighs. 

This “No Shuffle” system is supposed to reduce rubbing of the abductor muscles by 85%.  And that’s not all the rubbing that they’re cutting down.  The arrow head shaped cutout is designed to be the longest and widest cutout in the traditional-saddle-biz.  In fact, it is so big that it starts just behind the nose and stretches all the way to the back, with the widest point in the middle measuring an astounding 30mm. This usable area is huge and provides lots of positions where the cutout is effective which is an issue with smaller cutouts.

The Mantra Carbon FX has a carbon fiber reinforced shell and is wrapped in San Marco’s synthetic leather.  It is both breathable and durable.  The San Marco Mantra Carbon FX comes in two colors, black with white and White with black.
Note - carbon rails are oval shaped and will not work with side clamping seatposts.

Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX Saddle Specs
Weight: 168grams
Length: 290mm
Width: 140mm
Rails: Carbon

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