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Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset

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2013 Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset

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The Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset share many of the same characteristics of the Racing series, but are built with quality and budget minded folks in mind.

The first thing you notice when you hold these wheels is the attention to detail and stunning appearance of the Racing 5. When you spin the wheels you can feel Campagnolo’s famous bearings inside the oversized aluminum hub, which for 2011 gets a little more ‘size’ than in 2010.  The wheels spin effortlessly on smooth bearings.

On the road the aero stainless steel spokes serve the wheels well. The Racing 5’s have slightly more weight so they don’t feel as snappy and light as the Racing 1 and 3’s; nor are they available in 2-way fit. Never the less, they hold a tight line into the sharpest of corners.  The 2:1 patented spoke technology allows the stainless steel spokes to hold the wheel remarkably stiff for regular spokes and you’ll find they hold their true for miles; a common issue with other wheels in this price point.

The great balance; aero spokes and campy made bearings. Lots of great features in this value built wheelset.

•    2:1 Patented two-to-one spoke ratio reduces flex, balances drive and non-drive sides, and increases fatigue life of rim and spokes
•    Dynamic Balance – balances the rim so joint does not cause high-speed hopping

For clarification - this purchase includes one front and one rear wheel along with their related goodies. We do not sell these as singles.

Fulcrum Racing 5  Specs
Rim Height: 24mm
Spoke Count: 20 front, 24 rear
Weight Front: 775grams
Weight Rear: 985 grams
Hubs: Campy 10/11, Shimano/SRAM

This item ships via FedEx Ground for free. Please contact us if you require a faster service.

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