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Trico Sports Iron Travel Case

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Trico Sports Iron Travel Case

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If you’re looking for safe, secure and relatively easy bike transportion, the Trico Iron Case is perfect for you. The traveling case is made from polycarbonate Triconium ® and comes with three pieces of foam. The Triconium ® shell is very durable to abrasions and other physical damage. The foam is of medium density, thick and protects your bike well when packed correctly.

Packing this bike case is very easy and requires minimal bike break down. First, you remove the wheels, rear derailleur and pedals. (The rear derailleur can be wrapped in a rag and pedals can go into bags to be placed in the bike box.) Place the first piece of foam into the Trico bike case; place your frame and the rear derailleur and the pedals on the foam. Put the second piece of foam on the frame and then put your wheels on top of the foam. Add the final piece of foam and close the bicycle box.

Like other bike cases, the Trico Iron Case has seven security straps on the outside of the hard bike case. What makes these straps unique is that they actually hold together the two halves of the clamshell design. They can be tightened and stay closed with clips. For further security on the bike travel bag, Trico added adjustable length locks. Just make sure you use TSA approved locks when you take your bicycle travel case to the airport and tighten with straps.

To make bicycle travel easy, this travel bike case comes complete with a pull-strap and recessed wheels for easy maneuverability in airports. There are also four molded handles for easy lifting and moving in tight spaces. Unlike some bike boxes, the wheels, security straps and pull-strap are replaceable. You can also purchase the foam pieces if yours get damaged.

The Iron Case is named after its creator, George R. Yates. Yates, who is also Trico’s president, is a veteran Ironman Triathlon athlete. This bike travel case has been around for over 20 years with no changes, showing it’s superior durability over other bike travel bags.

Packing Tips - PDF instructions here
1. Remove rear derailleur – wrap in rag and secure to chain stay
2. Remove pedals – Put in bag and place in free area
3. Rotate bar down into frame – by loosening stem face plate bolts

Key Features
High strength/weight ratio and fully lockable
A pull strap and wheels have been incorporated for increased mobility
Minimal disassembly of bicycle required
Three layers of foam cocoon your bicycle for maximum protection
Accommodates all bikes up to 63cm in size*
Outer Size - 47" x 30.5" x 10.5"
Inner Size - 46 3/4" x 30.1/4" x 10.1/4"
Weight - 31lbs. (unpacked)

*Note not all tri bikes and road frames with integrated seatpost are compatible with this case.

Trico Iron Case is Made in America by T+ Trico Sports

This item only ships ground. Please do not select another method when checking out.
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