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QM Sports Care (Qoleum) Embrocation Warming Lotion

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QM Sports Care (Qoleum) Embrocation Warming Lotion

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QM Sports Embrocation is a high quality warming lotion available in three heat levels; warm, hot, and extra hot. You apply lotion to your legs pre-ride to warm and loosen up your muscles. You’ll need to rub it in well for maximum effect to help it penetrate your deep muscles.

QM Sports Care rates their warm (lowest heat) for days below 75F, and it’s nice. Very gentle. Here in Reno, 75F can be most summer mornings. In this case we’d be using this to help with a pre-event warm-up.

In the middle you have their hot for days below 59f. This is perfect for those cool morning starts and reduces the time to warm up those stiff legs.

At the other end of QM’s spectrum you have their extra hot, which is suggested for days below 44f. Make no mistake, this is hot. Not overly, but it’s getting spicy.

We really like their range, leaning towards hot and extra hot for the deepest of muscle warming. The jar is very similar in appearance and shape to their chamois cream. We suggest applying your chamois cream first and then applying their warming lotion to avoid… you get the point.

Warm QM 1 for temps < 79F
Hot QM 2 for temps < 59F
Extra Hot QM 3 for temps <44F

QM Sports Care Embrocation is made from all natural ingredients with a distinct menthol smell.


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