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Hutchinson RepAir UST Repair Kit

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Hutchinson RepAir UST Repair Kit

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There are patch kits for regular tires with inner tubes, and then there’s Hutchinson RepAir UST Repair Kit built for repairing one of their tubeless tires.

With what amounts to specially formulated glue and 4 patches, both are designed to remain flexible.

With a puncture of up to 1mm you pinch the tire together, to close gap, and apply the glue between the crack. For punctures up to 5mm you apply a patch behind the tire. The idea is to get the tire to bond to itself and to reinforce the back (inside) to hold air and prevent a blow out.

On a group ride, we see this as a last ditched effort. A tube is a far safer quick fix then attempting to glue your tire together, which if it failed quickly could have you and your group eating road. We advise consideration when using this product.

How would we use it? At home, under controlled conditions. Repair our tire, test overnight if it holds air, and do some short rides. We’re the kind of folks who don’t patch tubes, we replace them. Better safe than sorry Momma always said.

Includes 4 patches and glue. Ships ground.

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