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Elite RealPower CT Virtual Reality Trainer

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Elite RealPower CT Virtual Reality Trainer

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The world of trainers virtual reality is the holy grail of indoor training which carries the promise of reducing the boredom of regular trainers and offering the opportunity to train on some of the toughest climbs in the world.

Until recently, the only one worth purchasing was the Tacx Fortius. While this trainer and it’s real life dvd’s set the bar for what Virtual reality training should offer, the features it should have and the range of locations to ride has been eclipsed by the Elite Realpower Virtual Reality Trainer. Those are pretty hefty words to say when the Fortius is built off the old i-magic which goes back to the days when we used Windows ‘98.  

The Elite RealPower Virtual Reality Trainer is designed from the ground up and exudes innovation. While it’s true both the Elite RealPower and the Tacx Fortius allow you to ride with video playback, Tacx calls this RealLife video. Both adjust resistance to the grade in the video and video playback is adjusted to match your actual riding speed. It’s true that both now allow Google maps riding and a host of other metrics to allow you to train with or without the video.

That is where it all diverges. The Elite RealPower is packed with innovative technology. It’s all wireless, in its multiplayer mode multiple units can be hooked up to one computer system, and the software is stable, shipped to us without bugs that require hours to fix. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still Tacx Fortius fans but the Elite RealPower is so much more trainer as will soon become clear.

The part of the trainer one might say is the heart and soul of the machine, the brake unit is the first of its kind in the industry. Tacx Fortius uses an electronic brake unit that maxes out around 8-12% grade. The Elite RealPower uses a magnetic powder system that can simulate massive climbs pushing 20% and up to 2500 watts of resistance. The idea of using powder offers a few key benefits. First, the 20% grade resistance which is achieved by charging the magnetic powder with current. Second, it most closely models real world riding.  The RealPower powder system is quiet and offers more resistance than you can find on any other virtual reality trainer in its class. For the first time with Elite RealPower it’s possible to truly experience the most epic climbs from around the world in the comfort of your home.

The Elite RealPower base is the same unit found on the Power Fluid Ritmo. As such it uses the Ritmo’s ‘dancing feet’ design which allows the frame to move gently under neither you. This provides a more realistic training experience while reducing the stress on your frame. The fast fixing axle clamp and the Elastogel roller coating are the final touches that make this unit the perfect virtual reality trainer.

Includes: RealPower Trainer, 6.0 software, internet competition, 15 video races, Conconi Test, Training Test, Personal Training software, heart-rate transmitter, and front wheel gel block.

Computer Requirements
Processor: Pentium IV @ 2.4 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard disc: 7200rpm 10-20GB free
Graphic card: 32MB of memory, suggest 128mb
Miscellaneous: 1 USB port, DVD player
(for use of Video-Races)
Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7 32/64bit with update
An audio card is also recommended.
ADSL connection (min. 512 Kbps) for the Internet version.

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Videos Includes:

World Championships:
1. Salzburg, Germany
2. Verona, Italy
3. Milan-San Remo
4. Colle S. Lucia-Pocol
5. Caprera-La Maddalena, Giro di Italia
6. Monte Bondone, Giro di Italia
7. Montee De Courchevel,Tour de France
8. Mont Ventoux, Tour de France
9. Col Du Madeleine, Tour de France
10. Col Du Peyresourde, Tour de France
11. Col Du Portet D’Aspet, Tour de France
12. Montee De St Lary, Tour de France
13. Col Du Galibier, Tour de France
14. Col Du Tourmalet, Tour de France
15. Vassivier Part 1

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