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2013 Fizik Arione Donna K:ium Saddle

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2013 Fizik Arione Donna K:ium Saddle

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The Fizik Arione Donna K:ium is the female version of the men’s Fizik Arione K:ium.

While the regular Fizik Arione K:ium will work for some women, it’s narrow shape and ultra long nose are less conducive for the 70% of women who require a wider platform and soft tissue relief.  The Donna uses all the same materials as the men’s Arione K:ium but makes two critical changes – size and channel.

The Donna’s width is 15mm wider over the men’s Arione and is 15mm shorter too. This additional width get’s it close to the 150mm zone most of our female customers need and the shorter length keeps the nose out of the way. In addition to the width, the wing shape offers a marginally larger platform to offer room to move with additional sit bone support. Just like the men’s saddle wing flex at the edges help the saddle move with your body reducing fatigue.

However, the Donna wouldn’t be female specific with just a width change. And so, Fizik has offered a channel end-to-end. This channel is formed with thicker foam on the sides offering a 3-4mm deep channel running from the nose on back. While recent convention has suggested a cutout is the best option for soft tissue relief, in practice, a channel of this nature provides equally effective relief without softening the shell of the saddle.

The Fizik Donna is truly the Fizik Arione made female specific offering all the popular features that attract us to the Arione in a female friendly design. The Donna is finished in microtex with a silk screened flower pattern.

Fizik Arione Donna Kium Specs
Weight: 189g
Length: 285mm
Width: 147mm
Rails: 85mm Kium

Life-Size Fitting & Comparison Tool

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