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Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Ergopower Ultra-Shift Levers

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2013 Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Ergopower Ultra-Shift Levers

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The Campagnolo Record Ergopower Ultra-Shift 11 Speed Shifters are within 7 grams of their more expensive big brother, the Super Record 11 Ergolevers.
Like the Super Record 11, the Record 11 feature the Ultra Shift System allows you to upshift by up to 3 gears and downshift by up to 5 gears at a time. The lever design allows for lighter shifting and you still hear famos Campy ‘click’ sound confirming the gear shifted.

The Ergopower Controls use Campy’s best ergonomic design to allow the body of the shifters to mate perfectly to your hands. Campy constant research has lead them to determine there are 3 key hand positions to which they’ve sculpted the ergolever to support. Best known for their great palm support the levers work with all hand sizes. For larger hands Campy includes an insert to increase the distance of the levers by 8% for better large handed braking and shifting.

To further increase palm support and overall comfort, the hoods are covered in a silicone-rubber called Vari-Cushion. As the name implies, the ‘cushion’, or silicone, varies in thickness over the hoods of the controls and has an anatomical design. The Vari-Cushion helps reduce road vibe and hand fatigue.

Campagnolo sticks with their one lever, one action rule. There is one lever for braking, one lever for upshifting and one lever for downshifting. This allows you to brake and shift at the same time, while staying in complete control.  The levers are designed follow the natural movement of your fingers, adding to the usability of the shifters. 

Sold as a set. Include cables and housing.  Weigh just 337 grams .

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