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Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Wheelset

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2013 Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Wheelset

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The Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Wheelset uses low profile, all carbon rims. The carbon reduces the weight, while improving the stiffness and reactivity of the wheels. 

The carbon rims use Fulcrum’s RIM Dynamic Balance. Dynamic Balance’s goal is to take an item of the valve’s equal weight and place it on the exact opposite side of the rim. To achieve balance with the carbon rim, more pieces of carbon are aligned on the opposite side of the valve to keep the rim balanced.

Fulcrum includes their special, new brake pads that have been designed specifically for carbon wheels. The brake pads increase the braking performance in all weather conditions for a more modular and secure stop.

The spokes use an aerodynamic, bladed steel design that makes them lightweight and provide more reactivity than non-bladed spokes. The front wheel uses 22 radial spokes with a variable cross section. The rear has 24 spokes with a variable cross section, with a Two-to-One ratio. The Two-to-One spoke ratio uses two spokes on the drive side for every one spoke on the non-drive side. Often times a one-to-one spoke design can cause unwanted flex on your wheel and a loss of rim tension. The doubling of spokes relieves the tension on your rim, as it disperses the load over more spokes, resulting in a perfectly balanced wheel.

Inside the lateral, stiff carbon hub is CULT – Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology. If you recognize the CULT name, it’s because Campagnolo uses CULT bearings in some of their products, and Campy makes Fulcrum wheels. CULT is the combination of hard, Cronitect steel bearing races and the best ceramic ball bearings. The bearings have been lubricated with a light layer of oil. The use of oil decreases the coefficient of friction and in turn increases the smoothness of the wheel 9 times over standard steel bearings.

Fulcrum includes an F.I.C. (Fulcrum Identification Card) with every set of wheels to ensure your wheels have been handmade to the highest quality. The F.I.C. uniquely identifies a set of wheels and guarantees the wheels have passed all Fulcrum’s quality tests.

Available in a clincher or tubular option, the Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Wheelset is just that, light. It weighs in at 1226 for the tubular, but picks up some weight for the clincher, 1345 grams. The desired used for these wheels are for climbing, since they are lightweight and supple. 

Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Carbon Wheel Specs
Front Weight: 595g (clincher), 546g (tubular)
Rear Weight: 750 g (clincher), 680 (tubular)
Front Spokes: 22 bladed spokes 
Rear Spokes: 24 bladed spokes 
Hub Body: Campy 10/11 or Shimano/SRAM

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