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2014 Continental Force Rear Tire

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2014 Continental Force Rear Tire

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The Continental Force Rear Tire is designed to provide a very supple ride. It is best used in combination with the Continental Attack Front Tire. Why two different tires for one bike? Continental understands the need for a great, lightweight and grippy tire up front, but also understands that we need different characteristics from a rear tire for ultimate performance. The Force fills these needs by providing a wider profile for enhanced surface area and additional comfort.

Conti uses the Black Chili compound, as found on the Grand Prix 4000 S, on the Force tire. Black Chili is comprised of tiny carbon particles that conform over imperfections in the road. The compound allows the tire to have some flex, but still retain its lightweight characteristics.

The Black Chili Compound provides great puncture protection. All the tiny carbon particles fill into the divots on the road. Continental adds two anti-puncture breaker layers to provide even more puncture resistance. 

The Force tire is 2mm wider than the Attack tire. This makes the tire very comfortable and gives it a low rolling resistance. The tread pattern is specifically designed for rear use and makes it great for long races or exceptionally hard rides.

Tire Size: 700x24
Tire Weighs:  210 g
Recommended PSI: 110
Max PSI: 120
Estimated Tread Life: 3000+ miles

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