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Elite Arion Digital Parabolic Rollers

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Elite Arion Digital Parabolic Rollers

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Traditionally, rollers are a great training tool for two reasons. First, they force you to work on your pedal stroke. Second, they make you learn how to ride straight indoors. Trainers often hold the bike steady for you and don’t allow you to move as you would on the road. Rollers allow for a more real-life experience.

The Elite Arion Digital Rollers are the first set of rollers that incorporate a wireless computer. You may recognize the Arion name from Elite’s Arion rollers that come in both red and the Italian colors. Now, Elite has made the Arion rollers even better by allowing you to control the resistance levels.

The computer controls the rollers resistance via an ANT connection system. The ANT cycling computer displays all the information you need to know while training: speed, power, heart rate, cadence, time and distance. 

With the ANT cycling computer, you get three different training modes. The first is the adjustable resistance level, with 16 levels of resistance. Next, you have constant power. Finally, you have 10 pre-set programs that each feature different training courses/courses.

Just like their non-digital counterpart, the Arion Digital Rollers’ drums have a parabolic shape. This means there are lips on the edges of the drums to act as guides so you don’t fall off the side of the rollers. The Arion Digital Rollers are able to stay whisper quiet, since the drums are hollow.

The Elite Digital Rollers are compatible with road and mountain bikes and can be folded in half for easy storage.

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