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2014 Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless Tire

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Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless Tire

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So you’ve made the switch to road tubeless tires and wheels and don’t want to go back to tubes. But at the same time you are hoping for a more comfortable, longer lasting tire.  Hutchinson has heard you and offers the Intensive Road Tubeless in a 25c width.  

Hutchinson’s first Road Tubeless offering the Fusion 3 Tubeless hit the mark for speed and performance, but left some with a desire for something more durable, comfortable, and reliable.  The rubber compound on the Intensive is reinforced with Thermoplastic for maximum treadlife. Behind the tread is the Hardskin puncture protection belt which will keep you rolling over rough surfaces and nearly puncture free. 

The wide 25c size combined with the tubeless technology make it possible to run these tires at very low pressure for excellent grip and comfort.  Running these tires 10-15psi below your typical psi is perfectly possible with these tires. The width, durability, and tread on these tires makes them an excellent choice for spring and fall riding when the weather is variable and the roads dirty.

Tire Size: 700x25
Tire Weight: 320 g
Recommended PSI: 100
Max PSI: 115
Estimated Tread Life: 3000+ miles

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