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Campagnolo Eurus 2 Way Fit Wheelset

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The Campagnolo Eurus 2 way fit wheelset are light and aerodynamic with large medium deep rims.

The rims on the Campagnolo Eurus are constructed from extruded aluminum. Where many other rims are heavy near the weld, the Eurus overcomes this issue with dynamic balancing. This perfectly balanced set inspires confidence in sprinting and high speed descents.. The wheels are CNC machined to leave more material around the spoke nipples while thinning out other areas. The front and rear rims are also different heights. The front rim is 24mm deep and the rear is 28mm deep. This helps lighten up the front end that doesn’t take as much abuse as the rear.

The Campagnolo Eurus wheel uses the G3 spoke technology on the rear. With 21 spokes, there are two spokes drive side for every one spoke non-drive side. The spokes are bladed aluminum which helps to make this medium dish wheelset more aerodynamic. The front wheel gets the same straight pull bladed aluminum spokes but in a standard radial pattern with only 16 spokes. The aluminum provides outstanding lateral stiffness.

The hubs on Campagnolo Eurus wheels are fantastic. Using the same construction as found on their record hubs, the Campy Eurus wheels, Campagnolo modified the hub body to accept the larger bladed aluminum spokes. With the modified hub also comes a new skewer system that is easier to use.

The Campagnolo Eurus wheels perform well in all applications. In fact the Eurus wheels are positioned as a multiuse wheel. Its medium dish rim and bladed aluminum spokes provide great performance on the flats as they cut through the air and the light weight rim spins up easily.

The 2 way fit model allows for both tubeless and tube configuration.

Sold as a set only.

Campagnolo Eurus 2 Way Fit Wheels
Front Weight: 643g
Rear Weight: 857g
Front Spokes: 16 alu bladed spokes
Rear Spokes: 22 alu bladed spokes
Hub Body: Campy 9/10/11 or Shimano 10

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