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Installing a New Saddle - measurements first!


Okay, hopefully we stopped you in time.  It took several miles to get the seat just right the last time.  So do yourself a favor and take a couple simple measurements before you remove your old saddle. 

We know you’re excited.  So are we.  But it just takes a few tools and a few moments to make that inaugural ride even more enjoyable.  Plus, taking measurements first gets you on the road even sooner.

First the tools. 
Get yourself the following:
•    Allen Key set
•    Measuring tape
•    Level
•    Pencil and paper

Now the measurements:
1.    Use your handy dandy measuring tape to get the height of your old saddle.  You can get that by following the seat tube up from the bottom of the bracket to the top (yes, the top) of the old saddle.
2.    Next, you need to get a measurement for the reach.  That goes from the tip of the old saddle nose to the center of your handle bar.  You should follow the top tube for that measurement.
3.    Once you have those two measurements, you can remove the old saddle and put the new saddle on the seat post. Make sure it’s leveled then tighten up the posts so it’s in a neutral position, but still movable. 
4.    Okay, now it’s time for those two measurements.
a.    Start with the reach.  Slide the saddle fore and aft to get the same measurement.  Unless your new saddle is shorter or longer than your previous saddle in which case you will need to split the difference (if it’s 2cm longer, reduce your measurement by 1cm and vice verse).  Once you set the reach, tighten the seat post so it won’t shift.
b.    Next is the height.  Adjust the seat to match the measurement taken earlier by loosening the seat post clamp and raising or lowering.  Once you get it to the same level, tighten the seat post clamps so they don’t shift on you.  I know, obvious, but so is the knowledge that coffee is hot and yet Micky D’s still got sued.
5.    Now you’re ready for your first ride.  Be sure to bring your Allen key set for your next few rides just in case there are some minor adjustments that need to be made.  Getting the reach and height set the same as your last saddle will help keep those adjustments minor.

•    Many folks start off level but tilt the nose down slightly for added comfort
•    Check the bolts after your first few rides to ensure they have not loosened up
•    Remember, new will feel different, give it a few rides and some tweaks
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