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ITM, known in Italy as Italmanubri started in the cycling industry with the specialized production of handlebars, stems and seatposts.  They continued the tradition of excellence by expanding their efforts to include other biking components like wheels, forks and accessories.  Based in Veneto, Italy, a place often called “the home of cycling”, ITM was called the undisputed star of the world cycling scene because of the high technology of its continuously growing product line and its innovations in the cycling industry.  ITM products have been mounted on the bikes of some of the greatest cycling champions, from DeLuca to Moser and many in between.

Sadly, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this innovative cycling company.  In 2008 the industry mags were buzzing about a potential liquidation of the entire company.  It looked as if ITM was to be the next on the chopping block for A-brand Italian companies going belly up.  But these Italians, they’re smart.  Within a few months of the unofficial announcement of voluntary liquidation and the closing of their factory in Romania, Italian industry veteran Luigi Seghezzi, the General Manager of Taichung-based Bike Machinery Trading and former GM of Gruppo, chose to take over all of the ITM trademarks and purchase all the machinery.  We’re sure he realized that ITM products are some of the best and if he had the means to save them, he really should.
ITM continued its efforts, with Luigi at the helm.

Some of the most recent accomplishment of ITM is the development of EPS technology for their advanced handlebar systems.  The EPS system for handlebars leaves a clean interior, free of any additional substance (like plastic bladders).    What they do is wrap a reverse mold with the carbon and then cure it (lots of heat).  That part is pretty standard.  However, ITM sends the Draco 04, Draco 05 and the Pathom through a secondary baking process designed to remove the excess modeling agents so you have a full carbon, with no other stuff, just bar.  This process also allows ITM to produce the bar with differentiated thicknesses providing a safe, constant and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations. In other words, the EPS system allows ITM to build their bars to be thicker at the stem clamp where it needs some bulk, yet thinner on the hoods where you don’t need so much material.  What you get is a strong, stiff and very safe bar because there are no worries about air pockets forming like there are in some of the other handlebar making methods.

When we call ITM and innovative company, we’re not kidding.  They have specialized knowledge of materials like aluminum, carbon and titanium.  All the things that bikes are made of.  ITM has a proven track record of working diligently to create the lightest weight components and they’ve make a study out of the shapes that are best suited to optimize your cycling performance. 

See ITM's collection of handlebars, stems and seatposts.
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